Shadow Fight 3 – What Makes It Better?

On the internet, you can find numerous fight based games. All games are not effective and impressive as much as Shadow Fight 3. It includes many unique features those are not provided other games. The best feature is customization. You can customize the role-playing character by providing an attractive look or appearance. It depends on the availability of funds. If you have lots of funds then you can buy expensive and rare things. Otherwise, you need to get satisfied with cheaper and less attractive outfits. Collection of the game funds through the authorized ways is difficult. You are able to deal with this situation by taking help externally and Shadow Fight 3 Hack is the best option for it. By it, you can gather resources (gold coins and gems) easily and effectively.

Types of fighters  

When you are playing the game in that condition there are numerous options appear in your front. These options are related to different factors or things like- fighter, fighting style, gear and so on. First of all, you are required to choose the type of fighter and the fighting style is also affected by this particular decision. The game includes three types of fighters and every fighter has different qualities. Following is the deep information related to fighters and some associated aspects.

Dynasty guard –
It is a type of fighter and considered as the most powerful one. If you are choosing it for playing the game then you need to do more practice with it. You are not able to do the fight without guidance and proper knowledge related to its skills and abilities. The use of Shadow Fight 3 Cheats helps you in upgrading its abilities and polishing some special skills. Its moves are highly effective and sometimes it breaks the opponent’s bones.

  • Armor – the armor of this particular fighter is looking much better as compared to other ones. It is a light armor. Due to this factor, it becomes the durable and provides services for the long time period. The armor is decorated with impressive designs and patterns.
  • Guandao – it is a heavy weapon and known for its speed in both cases defense & attack.

Legion squad commander –
If you are playing the game by implementing different strategies then the legion commander is a better option. By spending Free Shadow Fight 3 Gems you are able to buy some items those can provide strength to it. This fighter is capable of winning the fight by putting fewer efforts as compared to the opponents.

  • Bedrock armor – the armor is heavy and includes the straps of leather. It is a very famous and suitable type of armor for the leader of a legion squad.
  • Bedrock helm – it provides protection to the leader and reduces the effects of opponent’s attack. In this way, you have an opportunity to cause more damage and justify domination in the fight.

Iron beaks –
The selection of this kind of fighter helps you in reducing the opponent’s energy level rapidly. Its use in the fight is a clever choice that obliges to the opponent for applying lots of efforts and loses energy in less time. With the help of Free Shadow Fight 3 Gold Coins generator, you get funds for upgrading it and improve its abilities.

  • Keen katana – it is the type of blades those are used for fighting in a different style. The fighting style is completely unique and hard to learn properly.

Cinder coat – according to the game it is produced from magic fabrics and improve the perfection of the fighter.


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